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Craig Arive, DDS, Prioritizes The Health And Safety Of His Patients And Employees

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Dr. Arive and his dental practice have instituted a set of strict COVID-19 precautions to ensure that both patients and employees are as protected as possible.

Two Days Before the Patient’s Appointment

Two days before a patient’s scheduled appointment, Dr. Arive’s assistant will call the patient to confirm the appointment. The assistant will also ask the patient a set of simple questions about their health, such as whether or not the patient has:

  • A cough or fever.
  • Been diagnosed as being COVID-19 positive.
  • Been in contact with someone who was COVID-19 positive or who was later diagnosed after the point of contact as having the virus.

These questions will be respectfully asked as a prescreening measure. Should the patient seem clear of symptoms, the employee will confirm the appointment. The employees will also forward any required forms that must be completed before the appointment.

Should a patient have symptoms that could indicate infection, the appointment will be suspended for at least seven days.

If a patient confirms they have the virus, as diagnosed by their physician, the appointment will be rescheduled. The patient must be asymptomatic for at least seven days before the appointment can be rescheduled.

Should the employee be unable to contact the patient, they will leave a message for the patient to call back. The appointment cannot be confirmed without this prescreening process.

Patients should expect to receive a text message from (317) 526-4368 informing them about what to expect when they arrive for their appointment. The patient should save this message as they’ll need it on the appointment day.

The Night Before the Appointment

Patients will receive a message from the practice asking them to inform the employees on their appointment day when they’re in the parking lot. The forms are pushed through via email or text.

Patients that are not able to receive this kind of message will be scheduled in the first slot of the day, or the first slot after lunchtime on Monday or Tuesday. These restrictions ensure that patients are alone at the practice.

On the Day of the Appointment

Patients will be asked to notify the practice employees when they arrive and give details of the vehicle they’re driving. An employee will go to the patient’s car to take their temperature.

Patients will receive a form regarding COVID-19. They must sign this before they enter the building.

If the patient’s temperature is within an acceptable range, the employee will escort them to Dr. Arive’s offices.

Once Patients Are Inside the Practice

The practice is taking every precaution to ensure that patients can practice safe social distancing. At present, this means that no patients interact with one another.

The dental practice has prepared the waiting area. The chairs in the waiting area are six feet apart. And the employees have removed all reading material.

The practice has also:

  • Removed all non-essential furniture to reduce the number of surfaces germs may settle on.
  • Installed sneeze guards at the front desk.
  • Instituted strict sanitization procedures.
  • Issued employees with N95 masks, face shields, and disposable gowns.
  • Implemented a morning screening procedure for employees.
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