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Traditional Braces

Most patients are familiar with traditional braces. This type is “permanent” in that Dr. Arive adheres brackets to the teeth. This system uses brackets and wires to shift the teeth into the correct position.

Patients visit Craig Arive, DDS periodically in order for Dr. Arive to monitor the progress and tighten the wires.

Traditional braces are best for:

  • More complex adjustments
  • Patients who are likely to remove the apparatus
  • Faster results
  • Cost-effectiveness

With traditional braces, patients must take special care when brushing their teeth. Food may get caught in the wires or posts. Patients may opt to avoid foods more likely to get trapped.

When Do the Results Start to Show?

How quickly results show depends on how severe the misalignment is, and the type of treatment option selected.

With traditional braces, patients may start seeing results in a few weeks. The braces usually stay in place for six months to two years.

The length of time differs from one individual to the next.

Patients will also need to wear a retainer following the treatment to ensure that the teeth remain in the right place.

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