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Craig Arive, DDS Dentist Indianapolis IN

Three out of four people express fear of going to the dentist. The fear of some comes from pent-up anxiety over judgmental and derisive comments. Most associate the dentist with pain in images that liken dentists to over-eager butchers with picks, drills, and saws. Children are especially prone to this fear, often never having experienced someone reaching into their mouths before.

Sadly, widespread dental anxiety does have a cause, often resulting from many practitioners who neglect to carry out their duties with a focus on the patient’s state of mind. As a result, bedside manner can have a significant impact on a patient’s outlook and represents a key point of focus for Dr. Craig Arive and his team.

What is Different About Dr. Craig Arive?

Nearly any occupation in the medical field demands a significant commitment to education and training. This fact alone, along with the perception of medical professionals as smart people, compels many of us to put our faith and trust in their care.

Though the vast and rigorous requirements for medical professionals help ensure the high standards of American medical care, they do not do the same for a doctor’s personability. Dr. Arive sets his practice apart by treating patient bonding and relationships as a cornerstone of his work.

Whenever certain cases involve or reveal deeper problems, Dr. Arive makes certain the patient understands the scope, purpose, and need for any procedures and treatments. Patients come to expect clear and direct language instead of confusing and complicated dental jargon.

Criag Arive, DDS Dentist Indianapolis IN

In most cases, however, patients come in with routine needs for dental checkups and cleanings. Kids come to laugh and enjoy their time at the dentist with many patients expressing appreciation for the true companionship they encounter. Dr. Arive not only provides high-quality dental services but also loves to get to know his patients along the way.

Thus, patients are more than just appointments in a schedule or sources of business. Dr. Arive strives to know and understand patients as human beings out of respect for their time and enjoyment for their interactions. The entire team at Craig Arive, DDS welcomes each patient as members of the family.

Dr. Arive and his team encourage prospective patients to see the kind of personalized dental care that is possible with a dedicated dentist in Indianapolis IN. Call today at (317) 751-9746 and see what brings people back to the Dr. Arive family.