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Affordable Dentures in Indianapolis IN Provided By Top Dentist – Dr. Craig Arive

Craig Arive, DDS Logo Dr. Craig Arive is an Indianapolis native with much experience in dentistry and dentures in Indianapolis IN. He has recently opened the Craig Arive DDS dental clinic in Indianapolis, specializing in modern dental techniques.

Everyone needs more of a reason to smile, especially when the world is in turmoil. The clinic’s focus is to provide patients with quality, patient-focused care that includes routine and specialized procedures.

Patients want a dental team that is caring, reliable, and trustworthy. We aim to meet those expectations and help patients keep their smiles healthy,” says Dr. Arive.

The Purpose of Dentures

One of the services at the clinic in Indianapolis is denture fitting and care. Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth, a common ailment as the body ages.

Losing teeth can result in facial sagging, difficulty speaking and eating, and a loss of self-confidence. In many instances, the remaining teeth will start to move into the gap, leaving mismatched teeth that gather plaque and increase the risk of gum and tooth disease.

Wearing dentures provides patients with the self-confidence of a restored smile. It also assists with eating and speaking. Modern dentures are also significantly more comfortable than their predecessors and easier to clean.

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Denture Options

There are two main types of dentures: partial and complete.

Partial dentures replace some teeth, while complete dentures replace all the teeth on the lower or upper jaw.

  • Partial dentures

    have the artificial teeth resting on a base that sits on the gums. Several clamps and attachments secure the denture in place. An alternative option is an overdenture, where the denture fits on the roots of the patient’s natural teeth for support.

  • Complete dentures

    replace all the patient’s teeth, sitting directly on the gums. Sometimes, gums can take up to eight weeks to heal, and the patient will use immediate dentures during this process. These fittings allow patients to eat and speak normally while their gums heal for the final installation session.


Depending on the patient’s situation, Dr. Arive may recommend a combination of complete and partial dentures. The goal of all dental care is to promote better oral health, and individual requirements will differ.

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Aftercare for Dentures in Indianapolis IN

As lifestyles transition to more online and home-based work, many people neglect oral health. Dr. Arive warns that “the transition from natural teeth to wearing a denture is a process and requires multiple visits to the clinic.” Dentures require constant adjustment as gums shift over time, and failure to adjust the dentures results in discomfort and the potential for infection or gum disease.

Dr. Craig Arive will instruct new patients on how to care for their dentures, ensuring oral health and a bright smile for years to come, no matter the season of life. While new patients should wear dentures most of the time, innovation does allow removal at night after the initial adjustment period. The gums can rest while the dentures soak in a cleansing solution.

For More Information

Proper oral care ensures continued benefits for the foreseeable future. Contact Dr. Arive at (317) 751-9746 to find out more about Craig Arive, DDS, his new clinic, and the options available for dentures in Indianapolis IN.