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Animals to See at the Indianapolis Zoo

Animals to See at the Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo spans 64 acres in the White River State Park and hosts 1,200 animals in indoor and outdoor spaces. The zoo offers a diverse set of experiences that will entertain and enthrall the entire family, including several close encounters with animals you’d otherwise never see. Dr. Craig Arive at Craig Arive, DDS, dentist in Indianapolis IN and his amazing dental staff regularly visit the Indianapolis Zoo and have nothing but great things to say about it.

Different animals need different habitats, and the Indianapolis Zoo has four distinct biomes, including plains, forests, oceans, and deserts. Each biome has its specific plant and animal species, and you may end up spending a day trying to see all the animals on display in just one habitat!


Every biome in the zoo has a unique attraction to make it even more appealing to visit. While seeing animals living their lives is already thrilling, these attractions make your visit to the zoo even more memorable.

Extreme Snakes

Snakes have an undeserved reputation for being slimy, creepy, and dangerous. The Extreme Snakes exhibit showcases 20 snake species from around the world and may change your mind about these slithering reptiles.

The exhibit’s show-stealer is the black mamba, known as one of Africa’s most dangerous animals. While the black mamba isn’t alone in having extremely deadly venom, it’s also very aggressive and will chase down cars and people to bite them.

If you love snakes, this exhibit should be the first on your list to see. It also has plenty of other snake species that don’t want to kill you, as well as some of the largest pythons in the world.

Animal Feeding

While it’s fun to see different exotic animals from afar, it’s even better to interact with them directly. The zoo has several feeding experiences that are great for both adults and kids. You can feed flamingos, lorikeets, or even giraffes for an encounter that you’ll never forget.

Shark Touch Pool

The Zoo’s Ocean exhibit is already a memorable experience, but it becomes even more so if you visit the shark touch pool. This vast pool is home to smooth dogfish sharks, which visitors can interact with, including touching them. It’s an excellent way to learn more about these misunderstood creatures and to brag to your friends about being tough enough to touch a shark and survive.

Outrun a Cheetah

Cheetahs are some of the most vulnerable cats in Africa, despite their incredible speed. The Plains Exhibit hosts a fun event that helps raise funds to preserve these animals in their natural habitat while giving you the chance to get up-close and personal with these majestic beasts. Another fantastic attraction is the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

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